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First Saturday of the Great Lent. Tone eight. Great Lent. Food with Oil. Great Martyr Theodore Tyro (306) (movable holiday on Saturday of the 1st week of the Great Lent). Martyr Eutropius of Amasea, and with him Martyrs Cleonicus and Basiliscus (308). Virgin-martyr Martha and martyr Michael (1938). Venerable Piama, virgin (337). Sts.

Holy Trinity Orthodox Church (OCA) Orthodox Christianity in Catasauqua, Allentown, Lehigh County, Bethlehem and surrounding area


Orthodox teachings include the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and the inseparable but distinguishable. regions of tsarist Russia are in the process of restoration. The Russian Orthodox Church, like.

Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church celebrates its cultural heritage with the Russian Festival this weekend. Held at the church on East Fairmount Avenue, the festival offers traditional Russian food,

Moreover, two couples held a wedding ceremony at the Holy Trinity Church several years ago, he noted. The construction of a church in Antarctica is a milestone event for the Russian Orthodox Church,

Come Receive the Light. The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church located at 1100 Napa Valley Drive in Little Rock, is a place where the light of Christ is accessible to all.

13 at Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church 2211 W. Landis Ave. in Vineland. According to the group’s website ( "Lyra, is an a cappella group of five (six.

Welcome. Holy Trinity is home to a diverse community – descendants of our Greek founding families, but also parishioners from diverse cultural backgrounds: Eritrean, Ethiopian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, and Dutch.

Russian Orthodox Church, one of the largest autocephalous, or ecclesiastically independent, Eastern Orthodox churches in the world.Its membership is estimated at more than 90 million. For more on Orthodox beliefs and practices, see Eastern Orthodoxy.

At the station’s onion-domed Holy Trinity Church, he held prayers for polar researchers including 64 Russians who have died on polar expeditions. The Russian Orthodox church, which opened in 2004, is.

Not all members of the Estonian or even Eastern Orthodox Churches are included in those numbers. In Estonia, for example, there are also smaller numbers of “old believers” and others not subordinated to either of the two major patriarchates cited.

DANBURY — Susan Sulich of Holy Trinity Orthodox Church is counting the days until she has what. it’s more a connecting with the Mother of God depicted in the icon.” The story behind the.

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. the Russian Orthodox Church exercises its office on all continents. There the Patriarch will pray for the entire world,” he said. The service, to be attended by Russian and foreign polar explorers.

Why Infant Baptism? Holy Baptism is the first of seven Sacraments in the Orthodox Christian Church. Together with the Sacrament of Holy Chrism it joins the candidate to the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church.

at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church of East Meadow. Each of the Sundays of Great Lent has its own special theme, which is reflected in the New Testament readings and hymns of that day, as well as the.

Eastern Orthodoxy, official name Orthodox Catholic Church, one of the three major doctrinal and jurisdictional groups of Christianity.It is characterized by its continuity with the apostolic church, its liturgy, and its territorial churches. Its adherents live mainly in the Balkans, the Middle East, and former Soviet countries.

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BISHOPS. T he Administration of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia is manifested in the Council [Sobor] of Bishops through the First Hierarch with the Synod of Bishops and the Diocesan bishops. The Council of Bishops, convened approximately every two years, is the supreme authority of the ecclesiastical legislative, administrative, judicial and executive organ for the Russian.

A Russian Orthodox priest made. The latest such church blessing took place at the Trinity Church in the Crimean capital of Simferopol, where a special ceremony was held to consecrate the white.

He is a religion teacher at St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic School, Northampton. He has been assigned to Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, McAdoo.

"The Last Days of the Last Tsar" Exhibition on the Royal Family at Holy Trinity Monastery’s Russian History Foundation

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turns the key in the door of a heavenly chapel adjoining the Holy Trinity Church on Father Matthew Quay, Cork, and starts preparing the room for a church celebration — the Russian Orthodox Church in.

Orthodox churches, including Greek and Russian Orthodox churches. It is so important to us," he says. •What: Holy Trinity Orthodox Catholic Church sells paska bread. •When: Today is the deadline to.

– Full abstention from food – Strict Fast (Bread, Vegetables, Fruits) – Food without Oil – Food with Oil – Fish Allowed – Caviar Allowed

We Supply all orthodox church goods such as vestments, furniture, candle stands, bells, crucifixes, crosses, banners, wedding crowns, cassock, chandeliers, cross.

The Russian Orthodox Church (ROC; Russian: Ру́сская правосла́вная це́рковь, tr. Rússkaya pravoslávnaya tsérkov), alternatively legally known as the Moscow Patriarchate (Russian: Моско́вский патриарха́т, tr. Moskóvskiy patriarkhát), is one of the autocephalous Eastern Orthodox Christian churches. The Primate of the ROC is the Patriarch of.

Historical Studies of the Russian Church Abroad. ROCOR Studies. The site is currently not supported for this browser. Please upgrade to a higher version or try.

. the Russian Orthodox Church exercises its office on all continents. There the Patriarch will pray for the entire world," he said. The service, to be attended by Russian and foreign polar explorers.

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Unable to overcome the disgrace of a sexual misconduct accusation, Bishop Matthias, head of the local diocese for the Orthodox Church. The national church asked Matthias to step down last month. In.

This disc is a little unusual in that it reflects not only the considerable tradition of British composers, but peppers it with music from the Russian Orthodox Church, which is at odds with the.

is a member of the Orthodox Church in America and welcomes all visitors. The church is located in Randolph Township, Morris County, New Jersey. The Church is easily reached from major highways and is.

Holy Trinity Church (Russian: Церковь Святой Троицы) is a small Russian Orthodox church on King George Island near Bellingshausen Station, a Russian research station in Antarctica. It is one of the eight churches on Antarctica.It is the southernmost Eastern Orthodox church in the world (cf. St. Ivan Rilski Chapel). The ambitious project to establish a permanent church or.

Patriarch Kirill’s visit to Antarctica is the first by a head of the Russian Orthodox church The Holy Trinity Church was opened in Antarctica in 2004 Russia has 10 Antarctic research stations, able to.

Russia Table of Contents. The Russian Orthodox Church has a thousand-year history of strong political as well as spiritual influence over the inhabitants of the Russian state.